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Make It Yours

Custom order furniture is about fusing your personality with home design elements, for furniture that's a reflection of your unique style. At C. S. Wo & Sons, we'll help you find the fabrics, leathers, and comfort options that speak to your personal style and needs.

No one person is the same, why should your furniture be?

Choose Your Color

Choose Your Color

From bold prints to classic greys and every shade in between, choose from hundreds of fabrics and leathers to find the perfect color and feel.

Whether you're trying to match items already in your home or you're starting fresh, look through our fabrics and leathers to find a cover that expresses your style and works with your home.

Have It All With Custom Order

Finding a sofa, chair, or loveseat that fits with your exisiting decor can sometimes be a challenge. Either the style isn't right, but the color is, or the configuration is perfect, but the look isn't in line with your tastes. Custom order products let you have it all, so you can focus on style and configuration first, and then find one of hundreds of color options to create a piece that fits your room's style, space constraints, and color palette.

With custom order furniture comes a custom delivery time frame. The brand and cover you fall in love with will determine your wait time. We'll help you customize a piece that reflects your style and needs perfectly, so that the wait is completely worth it!

Custom Order Brands

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